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Activities & Things to Do in Mexico City

Mexico City is a massive tourist destination where travelers find endless options for entertainment. Options such as theatrical plays, great sports tournaments and the exciting amusement parks are elements that make the largest city in Latin America become one of the most beautiful destinations y the entire continent.


Theatrical plays are some of the best shows to enjoy while visiting Mexico’s capital, since this is the place where the best forums, actors and producers in the country concentrate at; these theaters have been the settings for plays that can be compared to Broadway plays (New York, EU). A city with this amount of forums features the possibility to find shows for any preference: classical plays, new talents that are internationally known, as well as theatrical plays for kids and much more.


It’s hard to imagine that a city of this proportion could shelter green areas, however, Mexico City is thought for everything offering protected zones that stand as lungs for this city; green areas, lakes, creeks, and of course, wild fauna that inhabits around the area. These places were meant to preserve and foment the environment along with camps that educate new generations, teaching the great importance that these sites represent within the city. The numerous sites found in the middle of green areas are set-up to welcome nature enthusiasts with different kinds of activities such as treks, biking, motorcycle tours, horseback rides and of course to spend a camping weekend.


Mexico City is also known as “The Sports Capital”, given that there is a wide range of stadiums for professional sports such as, soccer, baseball, race-track, wrestling, boxing, horse and greyhound racing, bull fighting, diving and swimming competitions, football, etc.

  • Sol Forum Viaducto Piedad and Rio Churubusco Street, Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhiuca
  • Palacio de los Deportes Viaducto Piedad and Río Churubusco Streets, Zona Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhiuca
  • Hermanos Rodriguez Raceway Viaduct Piedad y Rio Churubusco, Ciudad Deportiva Magdalena Mixhiuca

Amusement Parks

Mexico City offers a rich list of options to please whoever seeks adventure in the most amazing and most important amusement parks, here we state some examples

  • Papalote Museo del Niño
  • La Feria
  • Six Flags Mexico Theme Park
  • Chapultepec Zoo
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